Rewarding young men for a job well done encourages them to continue on a positive path.
Community leaders take time to share the importance of youth involvement in the locality they call home!
We believe civic educational initiatives that expose teens to the legislative process is key to developing future community leaders.
We support scholarships for college bound students to reach their full potential through education!
200+ Men have developed a number of programs to help young men strive for excellence.
We make a difference in the lives of young adults in our community by honoring their academic achievements!
A strong group of community leaders dedicate their efforts for the betterment of the youth in our community.
The Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men Inc. is an organization that transforms lives and communities. If you are looking to make a real difference, you have the power — by joining us, volunteering, and donating — to support our mission. Your contributions will make a real difference. It really does take a village.

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Ron Brinkley

James Gray, Jr.

Frank Brooks

Bruce Hacker

Lemuel Lewis

Alonzo Bell

Mark Roberts

Anthony Sandifer


Dave Crook

Dr. James L. Royall Jr.

Anthony E. Cannion


Dr. Antipas Harris

Dr. Winston Odom

200 for 200 CLUB

Dr. Leon Rouson

Seko Varner

Charles Avery

Jimmy T. Landrom

Nathaniel Daughtry

John Bell Jr.

Rev. Joseph A. Fleming

Larry Harris

Dr. Frederick Quarles

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